How to make the present tense in Hindi

Hindi present tense free grammar worksheets
These are worksheets I made for Hindi students in order to teach the Hindi present tense. All verbs in Hindi come in the infinitive form in the dictionary, if you want to find the verb root you will need to see the infinitive form of the verb and take off the ending (-ना ).

Before learning how to form the present tense of any other verb you will need to learn the present tense of the Hindi verb 'to be' होना, which is irregular so you will need to learn its conjugation by heart. If you need to check the correct pronunciation you can listen to the audio file at the end of each worksheet.

Now that you know the present tense of 'होना', you can learn how to conjugate all other verbs in the present tense. As an example of the Hindi verb I used करना (to make/ to do) as a simple reference. You can select the full screen mode of the worksheet if you need to make it bigger or you can directly download the worksheet for your personal use. If you are a Hindi teacher and wish to use the worksheet as a teaching material you can do it and share or download the file, but please remeber to keep the copyright clear. Thanks.

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If you wish you can also practice this conjugation here where I have posted another explaination of the Hindi present tense and you can click on the practicing quizzes. Enjoiy!

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