Hindi worksheets and exercises about place postpositions

hindi place postpositions
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Whilst in English and many languages there are prepositions, Hindi has postpositions, that make the preceeding noun oblique. Many Western Hindi learners will find it difficult to switch to this kind of pattern so it is useful to start practiting it as soon as possible. In this lesson we will learn how to use Hindi place postpositions, those postpositions indicating where an object is in relation to another. My worksheet on place postpositions will help you visualize meanings, words and concepts better. For any question, feel free to comment on this post or contact me.

Hindi has two types of postpositions:

Simple place postpositions in Hindi
hindi simple place postpositions
hindi simple place postpositions
 Compound place postpositions in Hindi

hindi compound place postpositions

hindi compound place postpositions

Some other Hindi compound place postpositions are के सामने (in front of, facing), के बाहर (out of), के भीतर (inside), के अंदर (inside), के पास (near)

Download the complete worksheet + vocabulary practice + exercises or see it in full screen mode:

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