Testimonials by students

I’ve been studying Hindi since two months because I’m fond of India, whenever I can I go there. Marged is a very nice, patient and clear teacher, she’s keen on teaching. She tries her best to explain a topic and to understand her students’problems. Marged makes me feel confortable and unworried, she’s friendly and professional. If you want to learn Hindi Marged can help you since your first steps.
Anna G.,  Italy

She is very thorough, patient and willing to cater to individual needs. I look forward to attending her upcoming classes! She emphasizes the importance of pronunciation and is well trained. I have been meeting with Marged more than two times a week now and I’m steadily improving.  She has created original material for every aspect of Hindi. She creates unique lessons and supplemental material to make sure that I understand it all. I love how she introduces a few concepts and a few vocabulary words every lesson and explains them thoroughly. I learn so much in such a short amount of time. She creates original homework material to supplement the material concepts introduced in class. I can’t recommend her enough!
Charlene L., US

This teacher is very well prepared on the subject. She has a very nice way of teaching. The time you’re spending on learning is also felt as time you are really enjoying! She is patient and professional. I’m very satisfied!

Silvia V., Italy 

Marged is a great, result-oriented language teacher who helped me go from zero Hindi to a basic ability to read and write. Marged uses Internet technology well to deliver these lessons. She has a very thorough understanding of Hindi and its origins and, as a non-Indian, she can explain issues that may seem completely obvious to any native speaker. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
She took six months off (to learn Bengali) and I wasn't able to find anyone who could help me move so fast or so well.

Mark C., UK