Hindi worksheets and exercises about place postpositions

hindi place postpositions
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Whilst in English and many languages there are prepositions, Hindi has postpositions, that make the preceeding noun oblique. Many Western Hindi learners will find it difficult to switch to this kind of pattern so it is useful to start practiting it as soon as possible. In this lesson we will learn how to use Hindi place postpositions, those postpositions indicating where an object is in relation to another. My worksheet on place postpositions will help you visualize meanings, words and concepts better. For any question, feel free to comment on this post or contact me.


How to make the present tense in Hindi

Hindi present tense free grammar worksheets
These are worksheets I made for Hindi students in order to teach the Hindi present tense. All verbs in Hindi come in the infinitive form in the dictionary, if you want to find the verb root you will need to see the infinitive form of the verb and take off the ending (-ना ).

Before learning how to form the present tense of any other verb you will need to learn the present tense of the Hindi verb 'to be' होना, which is irregular so you will need to learn its conjugation by heart. If you need to check the correct pronunciation you can listen to the audio file at the end of each worksheet.


Flashcards - Hindi numbers 1-10

Hi all,

we have made for you some flashcards with Hindi numbers from 1 to 10, click on the image and you will reach the page. You can select 'study' and check all the numbers clicking on 'continue', later on you can decide to test yourself by clicking on 'study other side first'!


Learn and practice Hindi greetings and basic expressions!

Here is a presentation I created for you to learn Hindi greetings and basic expressions. For those who don't want to learn Devanagari there is always a transcription after the Hindi script, where underdotted m stands for nazalisation. You can select the full screen option at the right bottom of the presentation to see the pages better! Enjoy!


Learn Hindi through Bollywood movie songs - Suraj hua maddham (lyrics and translation)

Hi everyone,

I'm posting a song from the Hindi movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham with transcription and translation. We had a fun online class on edufire about this one today and I'm posting the presentation and the video of the song. People seemed to like the choice and I enjoyed doing this a lot! Hope to see you all for the next classes!!


Learn and practice the days of the week in Hindi

Here is a slideshow with audio comment made by Marged to help you learn and practice the days of the week in Hindi. Click on the tools at the bottom of the presentation to go in full screen mode and play. Enjoy!
Hindi-days of the week
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Learn Hindi through Bollywood movie songs - TAARE ZAMEEN PAR (lyrics and translation)

नमस्ते !
We're sorry for posting after so much time but we are fixing some issues. I think a very nice way to learn more about a language is through songs. I'm going to post a few popular Hindi songs and translate them for you from now on.

Let's start with a hit from the beautiful movie Tare Zameen Par by Amir Khan, titled माँ